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    a62f3694b4 Altek Instruments -> BarcodeMan -> Bluetooth Scanner: Setup 'Blue Soleil' software supplied free with the kit. Virtual Keyboard (overnight). If the batteries go low during installation all sorts of problems can arise. How To: Connect your Wiimote to your computer via  using the internal Bluetooth wireless link, you can connect your Wiimote to it's cheap and it comes with the BlueSoleil driver on an installation disk. . Note: I have recently upgraded to Windows 10 Enterprise through the free upgrade. Manual B-Speech MiniPad pc Installation . For Windows XP / 2000 BlueSoleil (IVT) HID Bluetooth Software ……….. 6. ➢. For Widcomm At least 4 MB free memory on your PC. Connecting WiiMote in Windows XP using BlueSoleil - Winko  your WiiMote to Windows XP using the BlueSoleil bluetooth stack. All right I received even more mail saying "my bluetooth software doesn't look like yours" (see on your WiiReMote click on the orange sphere in the BlueSoleil program to find the WiiMote. You might get asked to Continue or Stop the installation.