Your top 5 Windows Phone features

There are a lot of unique things to love about Windows Phone. See what features our fans said they can't live without.


  1. 1. Live Tiles - Power to the pinners. Our fans love pinning apps, people, games, and more right on their Start screen, at just the right size for them.
  2. Windows Phone on Verizon: Live Tiles Demo
  3. 2. People Hub - Even at a close second, the People Hub is the first place our fans kick off conversations (phone, text, IM, email, even Skype) and check out friends' latest tweets, posts, and pics.
  4. Windows Phone on Verizon: People Hub Demo
  5. 3. The Office Hub - We like the way you work it. Our fans use the Office Hub and SkyDrive to take their Office beyond office hours. 
  6. 4. Xbox Music - Our fans love being the DJ. An Xbox Music Pass + a global catalog of 30 million songs accessible right from their phone = any music-lover's dream.
  7. 5. Rooms, SkyDrive, and Nokia Drive - A three-way tie for fifth. For our fans it's all about collaborating, accessing all their files from anywhere, and getting to their destinations easier than ever with the help of their Windows Phone smartphones.
  8. When did one of these features make a big impact on you? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter (@WindowsPhone).