Connected Studio, for BBC Comedy

8 top notch digital agencies pitching for the chance to build an interactive episode of our new BBC2 Comedy Series "Inside Number 9

200 total views
  1. Day 1 - The Agencies, including Aardman start to unpack Ed Himes Script, how should they interpret his story?
  2. Day 1 The Digital Agencies get feedback from TV Comedy Viewers on their ideas so far - would they watch this sort of stuff?
  3. Day 1 and Fish In A Bottle start to animate Eds Script in double quick time.
  4. Day 2 and Digital Agency Storythings shoot scenes with our actors, Justin and Richard for their pitch.
  5. Pitching coach Linda gives the agencies some tips on getting their message over.
  6. Let the pitching begin. Fish In A Bottle think there is a gaming experience in "Inside Number 9"
  7. Whereas others think its video +. And the plus in this case being a personalised experience + mobile.
  8. Whereas some agencies don't think it's a video experience at all.
  9. The Making of Defiance Chapter 1: A Transmedia Revolution
  10. Let the success of (and Series 2 Commission) for Defiance act as a reminder that Television can be more than, well television
  11. Take This Lollipop actor Bill Oberst Jr. on the success of the Facebook App
  12. And the large audiences you can get to interactive experiences shows that, especially when marketing our TV shows this kind of project is far from an indulgence.