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  2. to those that have held the highest office in the country.
  3. Yet, others voiced their voice in support of the Georgia Court.
  4. Yet, the majority of social media participants expressed outrage.  Multiple Facebook groups such as Troy Davis Execution 7 p.m. #helpstop, No More Troy Davis Execution, and Save Troy Davis From Execution sprang up in order to show support for Davis and his family.  One group, We Are Troy Davis: Stop the Execution was "liked" by over 17,000 individuals looking to show their support for the inmate and his family.

    Davis's execution is especially problematic when compared to other death penalty cases such as David Crowe's, a white man recently granted clemency, and Lawrence Brewer, a man convicted without doubt of his crime.
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  6. Little comparison has been made between these executions in major media outlets, yet social media participants are aware of the disparity, and they are upset.
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  8. A year ago Virginia Davis, Troy's mother, expressed a sense of faith and hope for the future on a cable television program.

  9. Virginia Davis, Mother of Death Row Inmate Troy Davis- "A Mother Standing in Faith"
  10. Although Georgia continued with the execution, despite the fight of Davis's family and friends, she may find solace in her son's final words, an adamant vow of innocence