Alternatives to Getting Links Without Guest Blogging


  1. Guest blogging has been a prevalent link blogging strategy that has been relied on by many businesses across the globe. Entrepreneurs have used it as their primary link source for earned links. However, recently, things have changed, and a diverse link profile is now important to maintain ranking. The reason is mainly that the landscape of SEO and link building has always remained dynamic leading to the urge to build high-quality links. On the other hand, guest posts have been used towards building earned links until recently when Google issued a warning against the excessive use of guest posts. This has significantly curtailed the operation of brands and businesses across the globe. So what next for these businesses? Use natural link building strategy only? The thing is, it may be effective, but on the other hand, it may not be reliable especially due to a large number of contents that is being produced on a daily basis. Below are some of the link opportunities that can be used to help you through with your brand or business:
  2. 1. Reviewing of Blogs

  3. Leveraging product or service to the blogging community can help create valuable links. This may involve sending a blogger a sample of the product for free, and in return, they will mention your product on their blogs. Even when bloggers put that you sent them a free sample to review, it will still be an advantage to you.
  4. 2. HARO

  5. HARO is a platform that can assist you to get media coverage as it is a database that contains sources of journalism stories. It is an effective link building platform that can offer favorable results. The main trick is to ensure that answers are precise to your product or service. Once you have a particular query that relates to your niche, you send them to an interested journalist who might in return feature your product on an article.
  6. 3. Focus on Links that are Broken

  7. There are various Broken links out there for business and companies, and they will in, most cases, return a 404 error message. In this case, you should find links that are related to your market niche. Once you find the links, you may use resources such as Xenu, Screaming Frog, or Chrome extension such as ‘Check My Links’ to find the broken link. The next step is to email the owner of the links asking them to allow you to replace the links with the URL of your site. This method is very efficient as it will create a sensible and a natural link.
  8. 4. Find Unlinked Mentions

  9. Toiling over guest blogging content to find mentions that are unlinked can be a great way of earning links. In most case, when your product, business, or brand is mentioned, one would expect to get a backlink in return. Some link may be inactive, but using tools such as MOZ, Buzzsumo, or Mention, it might be easy to find the inactive links and ask the site owners for the correct link.
  10. 5. Infographics

  11. Many businesses and brands tend to ignore the power of infographics. One can create an infographic of anything, and they can help you differentiate yourself from the rest. Through using infographic platforms such as ‘Daily Infographic', you can reach out to bloggers within your niche who will in turn share review about your product or service.
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