Is this @Oasis_Drinks advert the best ever?

I, like many others, have recently spotted the @Oasis_Drinks advert - you know the one (and if you don't you're about to see it A LOT below, so you will). I wondered what the Twittersphere thought of it, and from what I've seen it's largely more positive than negative...see for yourself below...


  1. ...For the record, I like it.
  2. As an aside - I was quite surprised to see that @Oasis_Drinks has a relatively small following on Twitter (4k) for a big brand - I wonder if we'll see that grow as a result of of their engagement around conversations happening about the advert online?
  3. The advert in case you haven't seen it.

  4. A few simple searches for 'oasis advert' & '@Oasis_Drinks' later...we end up with this, refreshingly honest, feedback.
  5. The good

  6. The bad

  7. The ugly