How @ToyotaGB went from Tweet to test drive in just three hours.

This happened earlier today – the Toyota GB social team turned a positive tweet from someone whose boss is deciding between an Audi TT and a GT86 into a test drive.


  1. Brad Hall mentioned @ToyotaGB in this tweet about his boss.
  2. We responded to this, pointing them to the GT86 reviews round-up page on our blog:
  3. Here's the page...
  4. This got a good response, but not (yet) from the potential buyer. We carried on the conversation.
  5. Emily (the potential buyer) then responded and mentioned she'd love to see the car in person.
  6. ...then asked if we could arrange a 'lunch date'.
  7. Emily sent us her mobile number by Direct Message. Meanwhile we found a suitable local dealer using the reviews on Google search, contacted them and passed the number on. They called and arranged to take the car to her office next week.
  8. The conversation drew some attention, with people appreciating our responses and proactivity.
  9. Summary: we received the first tweet at 8:58am, the test drive was booked in at 11:47am. Less than three hours from first contact.

    Great work from @ToyotaGB and @CarbonOllie!