How To Get Quit Claim Deed Form In Florida?

Among the three legal documents permitted by Florida law for the conveyance of title of state property, quit claim is one. Learn more how to get Free Quit Claim Deed Florida Form on this blog.


  1. Transfer of property between parties is a very common occurrence, and quite naturally, there are many legal provisions for doing the same. The use of deeds is the most preferred method when properties are taken into account. Among the three legal documents permitted by Florida law for the conveyance of title of state property, quit claim is one. Florida Quit claim deed is, very rightly, the simplest way of re-conveyance as far a seller is concerned. However, it comes with very low extent of legal security for buyers.



    Documents that are legal in nature and used for transferring real estate ownership or title between different persons or organizations are known as deeds. With the help of deeds, the task of tracing of the ownership of a property can be done with the use of indexes that exist on the basis of grantors, grantees and properties. The party or person who conveys the title is known as the “grantor”, and on the other hand, the party or person who receives the title is known as the “grantee”.



    Quit claim deed form is a kind of form requiring the sign of the grantor having a single page, which is very simple in nature. When this form is used, the grantor, the grantee and the property that is being transferred are identified by the deed. Verification of the grantor’s signature by a notary public is essential for the process. In addition, a signed copy of the same deed has to be recorded by county recorder. The records remain open for public to research or review.


    No Warranty

    Interestingly, quit claim deed is the only method that allows property transfer without providing any kind of real warranty or guarantee of any manner. As far as Florida law is concerned, the only other property deed type permitted is called warranty deed, which involves pretty solid guarantees and warranties. A quit claim deed, however, may prove to be totally useless for the grantee if the grantor chooses treachery. Considering the law, there are absolutely no guarantees involved with quit claim deeds, and a buyer is therefore compelled to accept whatever he or she receives without any question or objection. And quite understandably, when a quit claim deed is used, there is no provision for the grantee to make use of any legal appeal against the grantor in case something unexpected happens.



    Buyers should not normally accept quit claim deeds straight away. A quit claim deed is mostly used between persons who are closely familiar to each other, or at least, are good acquaintances. Between relatives, this method is very common too. However, if you are doing transaction with an unknown person, it is best to make use of a warranty deed instead of a quit claim deed. If you have to use quit claim deed for some reason, at least make sure that you obtain a policy of title insurance of the owner, which may be used for verification by the title insurer whether the grantor truly possesses interest in the particular property or not.

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