Britain and the Holocaust - Thought Wall

Below are some of our favorite responses to our exhibition, 'Dilemmas, Choices, Responses: Britain and the Holocaust', including insightful connections to the current political and social climate.


  1. A message of appreciation to the Holocaust Education Trust's [HETs] Regional Ambassadors for Co-Curating a fantastic, interesting, and eye-opening exhibition!
  2. Powerful words written by a visitor, "Some have forgotten. Some never knew. Well done"
  3. A visitor poignantly connecting our 'Britain and the Holocaust' exhibition to the current humanitarian crisis during Refugee Week 2015.
  4. Important message to our society today, "Those who forget history - are condemned to repeat it" Many Britons were made aware of our WWII history through this exhibition!
  5. One of our visitors was moved by the Britons who made a difference to Jewish refugees, and questioned who would be the ones to make a difference to refugees today?
  6. A crucial insight from one of our visitors, reminding us to keep in mind the events that led to the Holocaust, especially in our society today.
  7. The impact that the exhibition had on our young visitors is shown through this thought-provoking and important message from one of our youngest visitors.