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Sochi: City of the Future

The city of Sochi, Russia will be transforming as it prepares to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. We have documents the changes in the city....


  1. This video was created by a Sochi State University student as part of an International cultural conference.  

  2. Although many renovations are taking place throughout the city, Sochi will build on attractions it already has to ensure it a more inviting place for tourists during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Its prime location between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains naturally makes it an irresistible destination for tourists around the world. Aside from the scenic mountains, the beaches, and the subtropical climate the city also attracts vacationers with its parks and monuments around the city. 

  3. Transportation in the city must be updated to accommodate all of the people who will be traveling to the Olympic games. Because of this, a new metro and highway system will be added. 

  4. For the 2014 Olympics and Paralympics the city of Sochi is working on creating a barrier free environment for all of the athletes, volunteers and visitors. The barrier free plan will help create access to transportation, and public facilities. Right now in Sochi the ramps to the metro and under the street need improvement, and some stairs do not even have any ramps. There will be 60 million dollars of the government budget allocated to helping Sochi becoming barrier free. Old city buildings around Sochi are being transformed to accommodate people with disabilities.

    It will be easier for people in wheel chairs to get around Sochi. During the construction process the city of Sochi is building new homes and parking lots to accommodate the Paralympics. The transportation will either be low-floored or have ramps to become more wheelchair accessible. There are also talks of a barrier-free building that would be suitable for handicapped people to work at and visit.

  5. This photo is an example of a wheel chair ramp in Russia today. These ramps will be updated before the Olympics.

  6. Another of the major initiatives of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics is a campaign to save the snow leopards in the Krosnodar region's mountains. The snow leopard was chosen as one of the mascots of the Olympics to reflect these initiatives. 
  7. Sites in the city
  8. The Sochi River is where many locals escape to for their recreation. One student of Sochi State University for Tourism said locals don’t frequent the beach because of the constant tourist traffic. This is one area that will continue to morph as construction on the metro and highway continue to the Olympic village. 

  9. Riviera Park is a favorite of students and tourists alike. The park is home to a small amusement park the cosmonaut memorial as well as many other local attractions.

  10.  Also in the park is the bench of reconciliation. When couples fight they are said to meet here and solve their disagreements.