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Relationships in Moscow: Comparing the way two cultures interact

This is the story of one small aspect of my trip. My focus is on how relationships in Russia differ from those in the United States. I am particularly interested in how public affection is displayed on the streets. I compare and contrast relationship in Moscow and a small Central Nebraska town.


  1. Social norms in Russia are very different than those in the United States everything from saying hello to romantic interaction was different. Of particular interest to me was how affection is displayed at varoius social gatherigs in the country. Here's what I found.

  2. After hearing this, some of the next content may come as a shock to you. These are images on the streets. 
  3. Photos by Luis Peon-Casanova.

    This seemed a little more extreme and open than in the United States. 

  4. Does this seem so much different than the United States? I didn't think so either. Holding hands while walking down the street is completely normal. We just seemed to experience some extreme situations in our time in Moscow. Overwhelmingly, displaying affection in the streets of Moscow was not so different from the United States. The social norms are much the same. There are people who don't follow those norms, but that is the same everywhere. Since these conclusions were not what I was looking for, I wanted to explore a social situation we came across and compare and contrast it to the United States. 

  5. Photo by Luis Peon-Casanova.

     When we were touring the city, we came across a wedding celebration on the observation deck of the city. This was overlooking Moscow City, the business district of the city. It is customary in Moscow to take pictures after the wedding and then for the newlyweds to tour the city. They drive around the whole city drinking and singing while visiting various attractions. We witnessed this process for almost an hour as the family and friends celebrated. There was even an official who was blessing the celebration. This was truly a party!

  6. Photo by Kuzsak Photography

    My sister got married last June. This photo shows a post-wedding tradition in small-town Nebraska. The wedding party rides off together to SOCIALIZE and drink a little before going to the reception. People take a trolley or limo around the city for just a while and stop by the local park for photos. They are at the reception within an hour, maybe two and then meet their guests for the reception and more public festivities. 

  7. Photo by Luis Peon-Casanova. This is the epitome of couples right here. It doesn't matter where this is, it's just wrong. Here is one rule that should be universal across all countries, when cuddling occurs there should be no cell phone usage!!!! 

  8. Photo by Whitney Hansen

    From this research and observation, I came to one conclusion. Social norms in the United States and Russia are not so different. There were a few individual instances of excessive affectionate display however they were isolated and few. While our two cultures are very unique and personal, relationship norms are much the same in the United States and Russia. Look at our celebration of weddings for example, similar things are done in both small town Nebraska and one of the largest cities in the world to celebrate marriage. While both places have their customs that make them unique, the United States and Russia are not so different from one another.