Fall Garden White House Instagram Meetup

For more than 40 years, the White House has opened its doors and welcomed visitors from across the country to tour the grounds and gardens. We invited a few photo enthusiasts who follow the White House on Instagram to join us for the first-ever #WHInstaMeet.

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  1. The Oval Office and the beautiful garden right outside. @whitehouse #whinstameet
  2. It was a great surprise to meet Bo and Sunny at the @whitehouse. #WHInstaMeet
  3. Look who I met today - Bo and Sunny! #dogstagram #whinstameet
  4. Morning folks. No press event today!
  5. Good Morning from the @whitehouse #whinstameet! This is the Jackie Kennedy garden on the east side. Just 20 of us taking a tour of the grounds this early morning!
  6. Detail from the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden. #whinstameet
  7. Sasha and Malia's swing set that's now used by children attending @whitehouse events like the Easter Egg Roll. #WHInstaMeet
  8. Loving the White House veggies! #whinstameet
  9. White House vegetable garden cauliflower. #whinstameet
  10. Through the bay leaves. Bill the White House pastry chef gave us a scrumptious tour of the White House garden. #whinstameet
  11. We learned today that the beehive at the White House is the first of its kind there. #whinstameet
  12. The official pumpkin patch of The White House. #whinstameet #autumn #pumpkin
  13. When in the White House... The rest of my #whinstameet photos are up on the link in my profile.
  14. Fall flowers and grasses near the @whitehouse Kitchen Garden. #whinstameet
  15. Had a blast at the #whinstameet this morning hosted by @whitehouse! Here's the obligatory shot. Was cool to see the bee hive, the kitchen's vegetable garden, and we even got to see Bo and Sunny! After that we went next door and got to meet @Petesouza, President Obama's photographer. It was also nice to see old faces and new alike. Even some representatives from @Instagram were here!Overall it was an excellent instameet!
  16. Dawn on the Lawn #whinstameet oh and we just met Bo and Sunny!