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Year in Review: White House Tweets of 2012

Take a look back at some of the top White House tweets of 2012.


  1. January 2012

  2. Behind The Scenes: Writing the 2012 State of the Union Address
  3. More about President Obama's 2012 State of the Union:
  4. More about President Obama's hangout:
  5. More about the Obama Administration's response to petitions on SOPA and online piracy:
  6. Read the President's statement on the Roe v. Wade Anniversary: ;

  7. February 2012

  8. More about taking action on Alzheimer’s Disease:
  9. More about the health care policy to improve access to contraception:
  10. March 2012

  11. More about repealing subsidies for oil companies:
  12. See more photos from St. Patrick's Day:
  13. April 2012

  14. More about keeping student interest rates low: