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COO & cofounder at @hackthehood Passionate about equity of opportunity, especially in education

Windi World Daily

The host, @WindiWashington will explore the daily world of #Hollywood's most #trendingtopics and #celebrities in #entertainment, #fashion, #beauty & #lifestyle.

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Irwins Study

We are situated in Singapore and specialize in ‘O’ & ‘A’ Level subjects, from Sec 3 to JC 2 levels. Subjects includes General Paper, English, Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Physics.


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Matt Gordon

We equip our learners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to excel.Views are of course mine all mine.


Prior to my current job I was managing junk bonds in Africa. Won several awards for training pogo sticks in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Spent 2001-2007 buying and selling spit-takes on the black market. Prior to my current job I was supervising the production of spit-takes in Naples, FL. Prior to my current job I was exporting puppets for the underprivileged. Spent childhood importing easy-bake-ovens in Cuba.


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Chris Adetunji

Knowledge Analyst at London's Writestack, PhD Student at @unisouthampton