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Riona MacNamara

unreliable narrator

Charlie Souza

http://t.co/obWYAnOi61 http://t.co/C7HfFJCmBY

Kim Snyder

Hi, I am Kim Snyder from Columbus. I am pleased that I can join to the whole world. I dream to go to the various nations. My hobbies are reading.


My name is David Whitmer. I am working in Logo Design Stockport. I’m interested in computer science, music, sport and fantasy literature.

nichole watts

Ted Deeb

My name is Ted Deeb. I like sports, news, current affairs, health, and travel. I enjoy cooking and being with the family too.

Sean Hideston

Well, I suppose I would call myself an amila lover with a dog, rabbit, and 2 cats. Nature and healthy living are important to me.

Pro Journalist

Jade Mueller

This placid woman has deep-set green eyes that are like two pools of stangant water. Her thick, straight, violet hair is worn in a style.

Emma Welter

Jon Ariztimuño

#información #TV #politica #RRSS @antena3com

Brigit Benestante

UT Journalism and Government - Legislative Intern - Dog Lover - Carb Addict