SEIU Local 2015

The largest home care & nursing home workers local in the US, we give care to low income seniors, the disabled & others. We fight for social & economic justice.

Joanne Fischetti

Communicator. Mom. Wife. Educator. Views expressed are my own.

Jason Dauer

Grove City College '17, Red Letter Christian

Alexandra Goff


David Firester

Threat Analysis Expert & Founder of TRAC Intellingence, David Firester has a record of advanced training and operations within the United States military.


''-there is no such thing as the unknown - only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.'' - Captain James T. Kirk


charlie ramirez


ABAQ Conseil en Management est un cabinet d'audit, conseil et formation, qui intervient dans le secteur sanitaire et social. Ses champs d'intervention sont multiples, puisqu'il intervient dans le conseil en stratégie, mais aussi la mise en place de démarches qualité, ou encore l''amélioration de l'organisation et de l'efficience. Le cabinet est situé à Sainte Foy les Lyon, ses consultants intervenant sur l'ensemble du territoire français.

Angela S Fisher

A young energetic PR and Event Special with a passion for fashion and love for the arts.

Andrea Agnew

Purple | Sweet Things | Good Life | Love Means... | My Girls, Shoes, Books, Trees, are Me...

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Susan Doyle

Copy editor at Bloomberg BNA's environmental news group. I work with some of the funniest people I've ever met in my life. Tweets are my own.


Daisy Brook

Hi, I am Daisy Brook from Canada. I strongly believe in hardworking, commitment and persistence that ultimately pay off. I have 4+ years of experience in the financial services industry and passionate about providing excellent client experience, build up and deepen relationship with new and existing clients.