#SaluteTroops: Your Messages of Thanks

On the second anniversary of the end of our combat mission in Iraq, people around the country share messages of thanks and support for our service and their families. Here are some of your messages. Learn more at http://wh.gov/salute

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  1. Salute the Troops: To mark two years since the end of combat in Iraq, and with troops still serving in Afghanistan, take a moment to show your support for those that serve and their families: wh.gov/jbZ3" class="">wh.gov/jbZ3
  2. To the Troops: Thank you for you service!
  3. One Veteran to all the others, I salute you!
  4. Thank you for your tremendous sacrifice! God Bless all of those who have ever worn a uniform.God Bless their families. We are a very grateful nation.God Bless you all.
  5. I want to thank all those that serve our country; here and overseas. Thank you.