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Saluting Service in Iraq: 8/31/2010

On August 31st, 2010, President Obama ended the combat mission in Iraq. The President and First Lady joined administration officials and people across the country to support and thank our veterans, troops and military families online. Share your message of thanks with #SaluteTroops.


  1. President Obama Salutes the Troops, and Invites You to Join
  2. The First Lady Shares her Message of Thanks to the Troops and their Families
  3. I salute the troops with my appreciation and love and welcome them home with joy.
  4. Our family's message to the troops
  5. Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden shares her salute to the troops
  6. Welcome home. and THANK YOU for your service.....
  7. Jim Lehrer Salutes the Troops
  8. -
  9. @merylbcole: Simply, thanks. To you and your families from me and mine. #salutetroops
  10. AKA Message - Gamma Phi Omega Chapter
  11. "Thank you for the huge sacrifice you have made for our country." - Nancy Wallace via