Inside the State of the Union with Pete Souza

Pete Souza, President Obama's Chief Official Photographer, takes you behind the scenes on Instagram leading up to the President's State of the Union address.

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  1. Pres Obama meets w Cody Keenan and Ben Rhodes on his State of the Union speech. #insideSOTU
  2. Pres Obama w Cody Keenan and Dan Pfeiffer this morning. #insideSOTU
  3. Pres Obama looking at newspapers this morning. #insidesotu
  4. View from behind Pres Obama during meeting on State of the Union speech. #insidesotu
  5. The President's cup of tea on his desk with the latest draft of the speech. #insidesotu
  6. The President's suitcoat on a chair during his meeting w Cody Keenan and Dan Pfeiffer. #insidesotu
  7. Pres Obama going over edits on his speech with Cody Keenan. #insidesotu
  8. Another angle of Pres Obama and Cody Keenan #insidesotu
  9. The President working this evening on his State of the Union speech. #insidesotu
  10. On the Resolute desk in the Oval Office: the President's pen ready to edit latest draft of the State of the Union speech. #insidesotu
  11. Choices: apples in the Oval Office. #insidesotu
  12. Older drafts of the speech. #insidesotu
  13. POTUS and Dan Pfeiffer on the White House colonnade. #insidesotu
  14. Sunny and Bo are ready for something. #insidesotu
  15. Sunny and Bo ignoring all the cable chatter. #insidesotu
  16. POTUS suitcoat in State Dining Room while he was having lunch in next room. #insidesotu
  17. Lunch guests' coats hanging in the Grand Foyer. #insidesotu
  18. President Obama will deliver his 5th State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 28th at 9 pm ET. Find out how you can watch and participate at