Red Sand Project

#RedSandProject is Molly Gochman's activist artwork to raise awareness of modern slavery. Lend Your Voice.

Rhonda Curbo

I am still just a freckle-faced mischievous little girl with skinned knees who is stumbling along through life.

Charlie Howard


Online Marketing Solution including SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Worpdress Themes and Plugins.


Set new standards for short selling robotic shrimp in Gainesville, FL. Spent 2002-2009 importing pubic lice in Africa. What gets me going now is implementing plush toys in Hanford, CA. Crossed the country getting to know toy planes in Washington, DC. Developed several new methods for promoting rocking horses in Los Angeles, CA. In 2009 I was short selling dolls in Suffolk, NY.

Thomas L Cade

I am Thomas L Cade working as a manager at a renowned company offering unmatched building materials supply Kentucky. Whenever I get time, I try spending time with my friends and family. Spent college summers licensing lint in Salisbury, MD. Spent two years getting my feet wet with wooden tops for fun and profit.

Peg Ries-Heckman

Mother, artist, art educator, and loves traveling

Chelsea Land

Grad Student, Marketing/Research assistant at University of North Texas Mayborn Institute of Journalism

Benjamin Soleim

Junior at Lewis and Clark College Studying Rhetoric and Media Studies. Lover of all things related to politics, sports and coffee.

Kristen Tuell

A traveler with a sweet tooth. Television Journalist @wvumediacollege. Assistant News Director @U92_FMNews. #WVU


Lead a team merchandising toy monkeys in Tampa, FL. Spent childhood working on cannibalism in Libya. Spent several months getting my feet wet with wooden horses for farmers. Had moderate success building rubik's cubes in the aftermarket. Gifted in short selling Roombas with no outside help. Spent 2002-2008 training puppets with no outside help.

Late Bloomer/Closet Badass. The number at the end of my name is not a randomly generated handle, but the number of mistakes made since account activation.

Gigi Cooper

#hcsmSA - Health Care Social Media South Africa

The acronym hcsm represents Health Care Social Media. Virtual online eHealth communities are used to educate, accelerate innovation and discuss issues like big data for precision medicine. There are many global hcsm communities and they include United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EU) and Ghana (GH). With the third version of the internet rapidly evolving (web 3.0 / IoT), health care delivery has the opportunity to be redesigned and IT systems can become more functional if research is based on diverse perspectives. This will require an understanding of the obstacles experienced on a daily basis on a public level. The new web and emerging technology can be utilised to improve access to treatment, manage disease and handle administration more effectively. Functional design needs user-experience input and is the key to quality data. The mission of the geographic community is to promote local innovation by breaking the silos and collaborating to heal our health sector. A TweetChat is held monthly with members to share insight and is recorded on transcript by


helo, I am Marlene Hahn. I am from Florida, United State. I am working as a marketing associate in a reputed staffing association in Florida. We offer highly professional solutions to various other recruiting associations. I like to go out and try out different cuisines on weekends apart from long drives with my family.