Jake Baba

Mohamad Aqbar Bin Mohd Amin or known as Baba is a Post-Graduate student who is continue studying in UiTM Shah Alam in course Fine Art and Technology. I create an artworks using a mix media collages and paint on the images that I create. The most interesting about my study is how I create a contemporary subject matter Active in Sports and Travelling.

Timothy Sanford New

Melissa's Universe



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Matt Beard

Philosopher working in ethics at Uni of Notre Dame, Australia. Occasional media commentator. PhD. Not-very-good writer. Military ethics is my jam.

Nick Laughlin

Pop culture, politics and news addict. #TXST18 @universitystar news reporter Instagram: nicklaughlin

Tammy Greynolds

Yarn. Friends. Cats. Vinyl. IG. [@tamillama] // Digital Comms for @AmericaSaves (all this crazy is mine!)

Joe Hegyi 3rd

Whovian, fan of history and sci-fi, secular humanist, and atheist.

Mario Boza

Docente investigador, tutor de Trabajos de Grado.

Ieva Notturno

Fellow at the Interactivity Foundation. Exploring policy possibilities for democratic governance.

 Sith Lord

Dark Lord of the Sith, Co-founder of The Black Geeks, Gamer, Techie, Bookworm, Writer, MARINE. You know a typical #BLERD


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