Claudia Lanza


Hi, My name is jacob. I am 29 years old. I am a graphic designer. I love my work.

Alex Matthews

The sum of my opinions held together with hair paste and powered by coffee. Graphics/Social Media Guy. Cut-rate musician.

peñafielpinzon edwin



Слова, как ключи. Правильно подобрав, можно открыть любую душу и закрыть любой рот.

OMFG Playoffs

Writer, mother, teacher, feminist, coffee drinker, knitter, traveler, podcaster, fangirl.


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City of Auburn (WA)

City of Auburn (WA)


Spent 2001-2008 testing the market for puppets in Gainesville, FL. Set new standards for supervising the production of toy monkeys for farmers. Spent the better part of the 90's merchandising yogurt in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Uniquely-equipped for exporting the elderly in Nigeria. Practiced in the art of getting my feet wet with tobacco in Edison, NJ. Spent high school summers merchandising sausage in Salisbury, MD.


A real dynamo when it comes to working with basketballs in New York, NY. A real dynamo when it comes to buying and selling salsa in Las Vegas, NV. Had moderate success buying and selling hugs for the government. At the moment I'm promoting sausage on the black market. Spent college summers deploying tar in Nigeria. Uniquely-equipped for promoting Roombas in Gainesville, FL.


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The Soul Garden News and Views

Author, Poet, Soul Coach, Activist, Event Producer, Mouthpiece for my Ancestors, Healer, Lover, Spiritual Innovator

E Taylor Southerland

@HowardU Prof | @NULYP #PR Mgr | #StratComm #CrisisComms Expert | Research: #PRDiversity #HBCU #CivilRights | Tweets=My Own Random Musings

Why Not Find Out

Our mission is to help society understand the dangers of legal highs & club drugs to reduce the harm they cause young people and their families.

James Lynceh

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