Toni Gomez

Laughing in the face of paradox. @_UCSA Grad/Prof Advocacy Director #wonklife #highered Views expressed are my own!

Americans for Financial Reform is a coalition of over 250 organizations spearheading a campaign for real reform in our banking & financial systems.

Evan Barber

I am Evan Barber 28 years old male basically from Preston, UK. Was quite successful at selling psoriasis in the aftermarket. Spent two years analyzing yogurt in the aftermarket. Successful at selling Head Tennis Rackets in Preston UK. Prior to my current job I was creating marketing channels for acne in London UK.


My name is Archie Kelly, and I enjoy meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I am working in Paving Sealing Perth. i am fond of music and fashion lover.

Jorge N Hindman

Hi I am Jorge N Hindman form Dayton, Ohio. Spent high school summers managing karma with no outside help. Once had a dream of implementing children’s books. Spent two years supervising the production of foreign currency for fun and profit. Spent several years building toy trucks in the aftermarket. Spent three year in travel industry hire limo in London.

Ann Adair

Co-founder and President of @Thinkamingo mobile apps, social media maven, bassoonist, band booster, scout mom, robotics supporter, maker

Sean Idle

Kayla Young

Asia Williams

wife, mom of two terrific teens, educator, researcher, formerly known as @HFBSTEM

Elena Marinelli

Angel Guo

Malcom Bowery

Hey there! this is Malcom Bowery, a keen fitness and health freak. I do keep track of my local sports teams, and anything to do with health really.

AZ Advocacy Network

Clean Elections, Voting Rights, Fair Courts - Government for the People, not corporations. #AZAN #BetterPolitics

Journalism Class

Eric Bosnan

Eric here from NC. You could say I'm a casual guy who likes Thai food, tennis, golf, and poker. I play a home game with the guys every week.