Aleix Clarió


Lies Lanckman

Occasionally pink-haired film scholar. Movie magazines. New Women. Fan Studies. Norma Shearer.

Amy Madison

Economic Development Professional serving the great City of Pflugerville!

Luis Marchand #8N

Cuando un gobierno ataca a diferentes medios de comunicación, es la antesala al totalitarismo y al fascismo. La libertad está en peligro

Bot N Life (

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Founded in 1974, HMS is the strategic source for innovative cost containment solutions that benefit government and commercial healthcare programs.

Dave Gajadar

Innovation Creativity & Sustainability Specialist. Strategic management, creative business modernization and sustainability models for the new ecomomy!

Roger Aguiar

José Luis Aguiar

Futuro Periodista, Social Media Manager for: @CNNEEfans. Reportero en la plataforma @CNNiReport Multimedia. Seguidor de @JairoYMiyagi

Alicia Carroll

Probably Not Bansky

The Spotlight

The Spotlight is the student-run newspaper of Southern Lehigh High School in Center Valley, PA.

.# Make In India

# innovations # technology # engineering # infrastructure # agricultural science and technological # Services sector #

Urban Electric Power

Urban Electric Power (UEP) is commercializing energy storage products based on zinc anode rechargeable battery technology developed at @CUNY Energy Institute.

Todd Smekens

Campaigning for city council, publisher of @muncievoice and @munciematters, muckraker, journo, CFO, thinker, entrepreneur, cyclist, & wellness advocate.