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Full Stack Fest Desperately Needed Competent Replacement Captioners


  1. This week White Coat Captioning was honored to be able to step in at the very last minute to help a tech conference in need. The captioning company that Full Stack Fest was using was not performing well. The attendees made many complaints over the first two days of the conference about the poor quality of the captions, to the point that the organizer felt it necessary to replace them in the middle of the event.
  2. "The summa isry is, don't push too hard" was supposed to be: "comma separated version numbers."

    [insert confused emoticon here]
  3. I woke up to a message marked "urgent" in my email on Thursday morning. It was from the organizer of the conference, explaining the situation and wondering if there was any way White Coat Captioning, as an experienced and well respected tech con captioning firm with a solid reputation for these things, could step in and take over the captioning for the remainder of the conference.

    I jumped into action before my regular day of work to get the wheels in motion to caption this conference in Barcelona, Spain. The issues were: 1) The time difference between the East Coast (and the West Coast) of the U.S. and Barcelona; 2) Was there sufficient top-quality tech-con-savvy captioning talent from my team available and willing to work through the night on such short notice; and 3) Did I have time, what with my medical school captioning schedule that day, to handle all the admin details required to get going on this big job.

    I responded with a quick note to the organizer telling him I was working on it, I would be busy captioning med school for the next two hours, but one way or the other, I believed we would be able to help them with this. He and I worked together throughout the day on the details of getting it set up, and before he finally committed, he asked for a demonstration. We had an online meeting, and I gave him a short demo after which he said, "My mind is blown!"

    Meanwhile, two of White Coat Captioning's best tech con captioners had accepted the assignment.

    Chase Frazier, RPR, CRR (@chaselfrazier), being on the "left coast," was able to start the first shift at midnight his time (Pacific), and he worked until 4am his time, at which time I was up and ready to take over at 7am MY time (Eastern). I was able to reassign my medical school captioning responsibilities to other competent med school captioners, and Chase was able to adjust his schedule slightly, but proceeded to work his regular "day job" captioning for television that day.

    That evening -- or rather, in the wee hours of the next morning -- Saturday -- Mirabai Knight, RDR, CCP (@stenoknight), did the morning shift (starting at 2am her time). Chase got up early to begin the afternoon (in Barcelona) shift -- which started at 5:30am Saturday morning of Labor Day Weekend for him.

    The biggest challenge of this job for me turned out to be figuring out all the time zones!

    Thanks to the help of these two outstanding members of my tech con captioning team, we -- well, in the parlance of the youngs, we killed it!