Study Confirms Boston's High Rents

The 2011 Greater Boston Housing Report Card, released October 25, said it: "Rents are at their highest ever." If you want to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the area, you'll pay an average of $1,583. Are you dealing with Boston's high rents? Tweet your story to @wgbhnews.

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  1. Responses in social media ranged from head-nods to cringes.
  2. How to solve the problem -- persuade banks to lend more funds? Move?

  3. miss my old room in boston why did i come to brockton cause da rent cheap when i step my money game up im getting another room in boston and still keep my crib in brockton
  4. High rents aren't unique to Boston. A Vermonter complains it's just as expensive to live in Burlington.

  5. And New Yorkers think we should just shut up.
  6. Read the report: