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Response to the MBTA D Line front-door boarding strategy

Talk to the T? Plenty of Twitter users do. @mbtagm has 13k+ followers. On April 18, they made their opinions known about the MBTA's new anti–fare evasion initiative.


  1. The T needs money. A lot: The anticipated FY2013 budget gap is $100 million. So ...
  2. There were responses negative:
  3. And positive:
  4. @mbtagm primarily tweets service alerts. But that day the agency used the account to answer questions and complaints about the policy.
  5. Not that the MBTA convinced everyone its new policy was the best policy. 
  6. Another exchange, with a familiar ring of impatience from this Somerville rider:
  7. (@SuperUber7 = Daniel Martinez.) Another rider interjects:
  8. All right, smart guys. You have any better ideas? Maybe.