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Boston Reacts to MBTA Fare Hike/Service Cut Letter

The day after the final public hearing, the MBTA announced via open letter that it was planning to both cut service and raise fares ... and in the Twitterverse, it was hard to find anyone who approved. Responses are from within 100km of Brighton. Learn more at


  1. According to the MBTA's letter, almost 6,000 people attended hearings. Were their voices heard?
  2. This person particularly noted that the letter came out less than 24 hours after the final public hearing:
  3. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council issued a warning that public health will be at risk ... and in turn will hurt the public pocketbook.
  4. And a few groups organized protests:
  5. Think you have a better solution? Try the MAPC online MBTA fix-it game.
  6. But in the end, isn't it all about ... love?