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Boston Music Awards 2011

WGBH News' Edgar B. Herwick III was there at the scene on Nov. 20 — but you could also follow the buzz from home (or from an even cooler, super-secret party).


  1. Goal number one: see and be seen.
  2. Goal number two: Hear and be heard. The current era of the BMAs celebrates the scene, with a focus on live performances even more than awards. There were sets by Blues Artist of the Year Roomful of Blues, New Artist of the Year Moufy... 
  3. Irish Mickey Ward Roomful of Blues BMAs 2011.wmv
  4. ... Electronic nominee Stereo Telescope, Pop Rock Artist Of The Year Gentleman Hall...
  5. Top rockers Viva Viva, R&B/Urban/Contemporary Artist Shea Rose...
  6. (Cheezits, the press!) (And electronics near water, and a whole lot of people in a hotel room!)
  7. Herwick regretted that the reliably-good-but-already-established band the Dropkick Murphys took Artist of the Year over exciting newcomers such as Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Slaine, a rapper from Southie...
  8. ... and David Wax Museum (winner of Song of the Year), which among other feats of 2011 put on a superb set at the Newport Folk Festivals and a Tiny Desk Concert for NPR.
  9. Half the fun of being part of a scene, of course, is criticizing the members and choices of that scene.
  10. And, less specific: