Lasik: The Solution That Allows You to Ditch the Glasses for Good

Many people who suffer from vision problems are electing to have Lasik Surgery by W Eye Clinic Singapore.


  1. Many people who suffer from vision problems are electing to have Lasik Surgery by W Eye Clinic Singapore. This type of surgery is a solution that was not even possible only a few short decades ago. Anyone who is tired of dealing with eyeglasses or contact lenses may be able to forgo them entirely if they choose Lasik surgery. Often, the Lasik surgery can create a high degree of vision correction that is equal to or great than than that which vision aids like glasses could produce.

    The Most Common Vision Problems

    The most common vision problem in Singapore today is myopia. Myopia is found in many adults, but the issue typically began in youth. In fact, the number of children ages seven to nine who suffer from myopia is higher in Singapore than it is anywhere else in the world. The reasons for this vision deficiency are largely unknown because so many different factors could contribute. Genetics, poor dietary choices, and electronic screen use could all contribute. While myopia is incredibly common today, that does not mean that it can't be beaten. Lasik surgery is the ideal solution for people who suffer from adult myopia. In addition to myopia, Lasik is also used to treat hyperopia and astigmatism. Some people actually suffer from a couple of these conditions at the same time, but Lasik is usually an ideal solution.

    How Lasik Surgery Works

    Lasik is a surgical procedure that is performed by a chief surgeon. The surgery is performed entirely by laser under the expert doctor's hands. The laser, known in the medical field as the excimer laser, is able to change the shape of the cornea. It prevents it from absorbing light rays in a way that causes vision problems. After Lasik surgery, most patients are able to live without glasses or contact lenses completely. Their vision is typically returned to the perfect state that they may have enjoyed during their youth.

    Recovery from Lasik surgery is normally quite simple. The surgeon may recommend some simple guidelines including the use of sunglasses, the avoidance of exercise for a week or so, and the use of an eye shield while sleeping. Patients may also receive prescription eye drops that will help lubricate the eyes as they heal from the surgery. Dr Gerard Nah performs Lasik Surgery in Singapore at the W Eye Clinic. You can find their site at on the Internet.