Are you Game?

Gameon Symposium @ CDU: Exploring Innovative Pedagogues Using Game Design to Enhance Online Learning Program


  1. Main websites from the presenters in Day 1
  2. Read the Blog
  3. attend the Summit
  4. and you can get the book!
  5. A lot of research has gone into this design feature
  6. Check out the Four Keys to Fun - serious stuff to consider!!
  7. some references to Gamified Learning which has been bandied around the Game On Symposium.
  8. Top Story: Donkey Kong vs. The Legend of Zelda: A Thinly Veiled Metaphor for the Classroom
  9. Ten emerging technologies to impact #education: cloud computing, mobile learning, learning analytics...
  10. This is a dump of micro-blogs as Day 1 progressed.