Finding The Perfect Kitchen Style

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, or building it for the first time, finding a style can be much easier said than done.


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  2. There is a lot that goes into picking out the perfect style of kitchen. And a lot of factors can play into what style you end up choosing. For instance, the type of house that you are living in is key. If you live in an old farm style home, more than likely you're not going to choose a modern themed kitchen. Vice versa, if you live in a penthouse overlooking New York City, a country rustic feel is probably not the look you'll be going for.
  3. Sometimes, the best way to pick your ultimate style is simply by going out looking at different pictures that can help you visualize what you want to bring into your own home. In this article we will introduce to you a few different types of themed kitchens that you may want to consider during her building and renovating process.
  4. Rustic Kitchens

    Rustic kitchens are actually surpassing the classic white kitchen in popularity. Using different materials such as timber, stone, faux brick Panels, vintage appliances, and fireplaces you can really make your kitchen shine and give it a warm and inviting feel.
  5. Modern Kitchens

    Modern kitchens are typically used in more urban populaces. However, the definition of modern varies widely. When we think of modern kitchen designs, we often think of frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, and strong horizontal lines with the natural beauty of the material shining through. Modern kitchens can come in a variety of colors and implements several different types of materials.
  6. Traditional Kitchens

    The way we define traditional kitchens is by a their details. These types of kitchens can include arches, decorative moldings and corbels, raised panel cabinets, and a mix of antique finishes and furniture like turned legs. In fact, there are times where a modern kitchen will even incorporate a chandelier. This is probably the most type of versatile kitchen and really depends upon the owner’s own personal style.

    Contemporary Kitchens

    Contemporary kitchens are similar to modern kitchens, yet they often incorporate a certain structure and grind, and include elements of other styles creating a look of its very own. Contemporary kitchens are also very sleek and have a very put together look.

  7. Classic Kitchens

    The classic kitchen is probably the most popular type of style. But, what exactly is classic? Well, this is about as varied as cooks are. Typically pulling in white and neutral colors, classic kitchens can also incorporate other elements such as a white faux brick wall to bring in subtle texture. Classic kitchens are called classic for a reason, and will probably be the one kitchen style that never goes out of style.

    Cottage Kitchens

    Cottage kitchens are probably the most cozy, happy, and unpretentious kitchen styles available. They invoke a feeling of warmth and friendliness. From the vintage hardwood floors to colorful accents, to simple cabinetry, cottage kitchens are for those that prefer the simple life.
  8. There is never a wrong decision when it comes to making a kitchen style choice. What you just have to decide is what type of style is best for you, and for the type of home that you live in. Once you make these decisions, it can help ease you into the transition of renovating or building a new kitchen for you and your family.