Updating Your Kid’s Room

If there is one thing you know for sure, it’s that your kids grow up way too quickly.


  1. Sure, there are times when it feels like they’ll never be out of the house. But, at the end of the day, when you stop and look back, you honestly can’t believe where the time has gone. Every parent feels this way at one point or another. Weather your child is six months or 36. Time just never seems to slow down. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to cherish them when they are younger. And invest as much of yourself as you can, before they’re off to college or starting families of their own.

    There are a lot of different ways you can invest time in your kids. But, the one in particular we are going to be talking about today is helping you update your child’s room as they grow. After all, no kid wants a “baby’s” room. And while yours and your child’s definition of “baby” may differ, one thing you probably both can agree on is that they need an age appropriate room. So, here are a few ways you can help your child’s room “grow up” with them.
  2. Cute and Easy DIY Room Decor for cheap!
  3. Choose Timeless Pieces
    This is probably one of the best pieces of advice we can give you. When you choose timeless pieces, you are making it so that the room will grow right along with your child. So, instead of picking up furniture from a mass-produced big box store, go for an antique or heirloom piece that will stand the test of time.

    Add Handmade Touches
    This is a good thing to do when your child is little. By making little toys or decorations yourself, you are creating a sweet keepsake that will custom match your child’s room, while giving them something to hold on too for years to come.

    Let Kids Express Their Style
    Even though they may not seem old enough in your eyes, even the littlest of children have their own style. So, help their room feel like their own, and let them weigh in the decision making process. Sure, they may not love it forever, but it’ll just be another fun project to tackle again together in a few years.
  4. Create High Impact/Low Cost Artwork
    Any type of artwork can help add the perfect finishing touches to any room. So, take an inexpensive art class with your child, and together create an eye-catching focal point for their room.

    Plan For Play
    If your children are younger, keep plenty of open floor space in their room. And add fun elements like hanging bubble chairs to help create an irresistible playroom.

    Add A Workspace
    This is a great idea for anyone with a child who’s in school. By creating a workspace, you’re giving them a designated are in their room to focus on their schoolwork. And this space can last them from elementary all the way through college!

    Start Them Out Organized
    Let’s face it. Kids are messy. It doesn’t matter how old they get, you’re probably constantly teaching and re-teaching the art of organization. So, when creating their bedroom, construct and organized system to help them stay organized and you sane.

  5. Add Artistic Elements
    This could be anything from a painting on the wall, to adding in a brick wall to create a more hipster “grown-up” apartment feel to their room. Now, we don’t actually suggest you install a brick wall. However, there are things like faux brick walls that look like the real thing, but are a fraction of the cost and easy to install. And if you’re teenager doesn’t like the look of a faux brick wall, there are also faux stone and faux wood panels as well!

    No matter how old your child gets, they will always be your little baby in your eyes. But that doesn’t mean their room needs to stay that way. So, get creative and together you and your child can create a living space that highlights the best parts of who they are.