1. There's a bunch of bright minds in Daily Stormer's new IRC channel and I wanted to take a little time out of my day to show them how easy it is to make the world move with as little as a bash one-liner. I have used bash one-liners to do a lot of things, like shift the market cap of publicly traded corporations by the billions. The key to making impact in the world is not being the smartest or knowing the most. It's about operating asymmetrically at scale. Expend the least amount of effort for the most amount of things happening.
  2. In our chat I asked aloud a simple question: how many printers are there on the open Internet? I wasn't sure of the answer at the time. It turned out to be upwards of a million devices. That's a lot of things to print to. The sheer volume of paper one can generate with a single command is impressive. An average pulping tree produces 8330 sheets of paper. That is a very small fraction of the number of devices we can print to on the public internet.
  3. I thus embark upon a quest to deliver emotionally compelling content to other people's printers. After a little investigation it seemed that to print to a printer with port 9100 exposed, all you have to do is netcat a postscript file to that port.

    This is the loop to do that to a whole lot of printers:

    for i in `cat printers`
    cat payload.ps |netcat -q 0 $i 9100
  4. I elected one of the Daily Stormer crew to make some postscript for us to push to printers. The final postscript draft rendered to this:
  5. Many people asked me to do images like A. Wyatt Mann cartoons or goatse instead of that postscript, but that's a bad idea. Everything in the postscript we used was actual characters (there is, of course, a unicode swastika character). If we started rendering bitmaps it would make the postscript significantly more complex. When you're printing on the scale of tens or hundreds of thousands of printers, every increase in complexity makes more printers reject the message. With scale you should prefer elegance over complexity, and what could possibly be more elegant than the inherent beauty of the swastika?

    Now all I needed was hosts with port 9100 open. For this I fired up masscan, but any of you so inclined could accomplish this easier with a little bit of money if you use Shodan instead. I am dirt Eastern European poor but have rootshells at carrier hotels, so I opted for masscan.

    I fired up my shell script and went about my business for the day. After a bit I checked up on this and noticed that every once in a while a netcat had a tendency to hang, so I made another loop to clean up stale old netcats:

    while true; do killall --older-than 1m netcat;sleep 1;done

    After that it ran quite smoothly. I wasn't even convinced this was working at all until the tweets started coming in.
  6. Brah, I came out of the fucking womb emboldened. I have a red beard and I fight giants. I honor Þor, motherfucker.
  7. LIBERALS AND DARKIES ON A WITCH HUNT FOR THE EVIL OFFICE RACIST LOL. Nothing will redpill white men faster than this.
  8. Of course, most of the printers that are on public networks belong to universities. and colleges. These are of course "safe spaces" which should never be violated with terrible wrongthink. What kind of a horrid person would trigger innocent people wrapped in a safe monoculture free of political dissent?
  9. UMD confirmed. Reddit is on the case.:
  10. It spawns a pretty good thread on 4chan's /pol/ where I start answering questions:
  11. I checked that girl's LinkedIn and she's at Yale. Hitting the Ivy Leagues!

    aaaaand the news articles start to pour in as UMass Amherst is freaking out, calling the cops, and having their Chancellor make public statements of condemnation.