Webtrends Streams™ – The New Era of Web Analytics

Today we presented a webinar introducing Webtrends Streams – the revolutionary new product that will change the way digital marketers drive top and bottom-line results. Our experts were joined by Eric Peterson, Founder, Web Analytics Demystified, who calls Streams 'truly disruptive.'

  1. streams webinar cover crop
    streams webinar cover crop
  2. Join @Webtrends webinar now to see the game-changing power of “as-it-happens” analytics  http://wbtrnd.co/fVsbj bjWTstreamsmsincrediblele
  3. @Webtrends #Data volumes are exploding - in 2011 the world created 1.8ZB of information - @erictpeterson #WTstreams 
  4. Power users need powerful tools; everyone else needs tools they can use 2 make biz decisions wo/cumbersome process @erictpeterson #wtstreams
  5. Brands want a way to respond 2 customer needs/behaviors immediately; media wants to keep up w/consumers in real-time -@earl_steve #wtstreams
  6. #WTstreams is very cool - reminds me of @conviva (real time media #measure tool) but more richer; I can see many use-cases for #WTstreams
  7. Webtrends Streams reimagines digital markting with realtime data, 'as-it-happens' #wtstreams
  8. Visitor level intelligence as it-happens -- exciting! #WTStreams
  9. Watching @elbpdx demoing @Webtrends #wtstreams. One of the coolest new #measure technologies I have seen in a long time
  10. Streams Campaign Flow allows you to know instantly how your digital marketing campaigns are performing  http://ow.ly/i/1f8Uc  #WTstreams...
  11. Streams can be used in conjuction w/any analytics tools you use #wtstreams
  12. Streams will allow you to see what your online customer has done, WHILE they are still on your site - more on this at #WTengage #wtstreams
  13. Sat in on demo of @Webtrends #WTstreams technology and it's pretty amazing. Real-time data while customers are still on your site.
  14. Congratulations heard great things! @Webtrends 4 pts to Streams Lab: Ad-Hoc Explor, Streams Creation, Real-Time Viz, Push API #WTstreams
  15. Join us at Webtrends Engage 2013, Jan 28-30 in SF - we'll show the new Streams in detail, and more  http://wbtrnd.co/fZ4i3 i3WTengagegewtstreamsms
  16. To learn more about Webtrends Streams, click here
    You are invited to join us at Engage 2013 in San Francisco, Jan 28-30 for more detail and demos of Streams in action. Click here for a special holiday registration rate - December only - to get $200 off. Enter code ENG13GIFT. See you in SF!