Webinar Recap: How to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pages

Today, Marketing Sherpa presented key findings from their Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report on our joint webinar. We also provided real-world examples of how organizations have increased revenue by testing to lift conversion rates, and how increasing these rates is possible for everyone.

  1. How-To-Increase-Conversion-Rates
  2. #WTwebinar now w/@MarketingSherpa Landing Page Optimization: How to get better ROI on traffic you're already sending to your site #wtwebinar
  3. Thanks for joining us on #WTWebinar - Would love to hear your questions and comments
  4. Oprah moment: We're giving everyone on the #WTwebinar a FREE copy of @MarketingSherpa's Report on Landing Pg Optimization #wtwebinar
  5. Case for Landing Pg Optmztn-why test? inform cust theory, what resonates with cust, + how custs want to digest info #WTwebinar #wtwebinar
  6. Simple, small changes can make a huge impact on LPO. TEST! #WTwebinar.
  7. A landing page has a campaign associated with a clear CTA as opposed to your site homepage with a general purpose #wtwebinar
  8. Yay Math! The most exciting part of marketing. Not even kidding. #WTwebinar
  9. Validity Challenges ( to testing landing pgs) : Siginficant Difference, Sample Size, Level of Confidence #wtwebinar
  10. factors in determining sample size: test complexity, conversion rate, performance diff betwn variations, confidence level #WTwebinar
  11. I'd hope there'd be usability testing on a new shopping cart before testing conversion rate vs. old one. #WTwebinar
  12. you can't trust data in isolation: consider history effect, instrumentation effect, selection effect (landing pg optimization) #WTwebinar
  13. Statistical significance is important! Mom shouldn't have let me lay in the back window of our Impala when I was a kid. :) #WTwebinar
  14. RT @Webtrends: It's important to run your test until you achieve stabilization - long enough so that any aberrations are absorbed #WTwebinar
  15. What role would you see qualitative methods (such as usability testing) play in helping identify possible biases? #WTwebinar
  16. LPO testing produces the most accurate results when math is mixed with human understanding of that math. #WTwebinar
  17. For e-mail testing limit the number of tests according to how large your mailing list is #WTwebinar
  18. Optimization in a changing marketplace:testing is a neverending process - "adequacy is the enemy of excellence" -@MarketingSherpa #WTwebinar
  19. Landindpage optimization: Learn from your test results and move on. Even when test results are bad, you learned something. #WTwebinar
  20. our Optimization process = build a roadmap, populate it, test design method, quarterly assessment, manage new priorities #WTwebinar
  21. If your hypothesis turns out wrong, try to test the exact opposite hypothesis. #WTwebinar
  22. #WTwebinar great job on the LPO webinar. One of the really good webinars I've attended in a while now. Thank you.
  23. I love learning! #WTwebinar. Appreciate the people at Webtrends and Marketingsherpa making the learning happen.
  24. Learned the terminology Landing Page Optimization #LPO. Nice to learn the technical info and page comparisons at #WTwebinar.
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  26. Slides frm #WTwebinar 2day: "Increase Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pgs" w/ Webtrends Optimize & @MarketingSherpa  http://wbtrnd.co/fGVe4 e4
  27. Click here for a free copy of MarketingSherpa's Landing Page Optimization Report
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