Using Metrics to Prove Social Media ROI Success

On Wed 11/7, Webtrends & John Lovett, Senior Partner at Web Analytics Demystified, presented a webinar to introduce 4 types of metrics for measuring success of your social media, and provided actionable take-aways to help organizations develop a consistent and repeatable measurement program.

  1. Below are recap tweets from today's webinar: 
  2. RT @mhellstern: tuning into a lunch-hour webinar from @Webtrends on "Using Metrics to Prove Social Media ROI Success" #w2p #measure
  3. Today's webinar on social media ROI features our @merlyngordon w/@johnlovett of WebAnalytics Demystified WTWTwebinar
  4. RT @Webtrends: Four categories of social #analytics: Business value, outcomes, counting, and foundational measures - @johnlovett #WTwebinar
  5. Most basic a readily avail social media metrics: fans, mentions, contributors, traffic metrics #WTwebinar #SocialMedia
  6. Counting metrics on social channels are free, but being platform specific may not be apples to apples #wtwebinar
  7. Business Value metrics are calculated to align social activity & results with key stakeholders. Should be dev for specific roles #WTwebinar
  8. Live by this ---> "Don't forget why you're in business" #WTwebinar
  9. Humanize your approach by measuring social media outcomes: exposure, dialogue, interactions, support, advocacy, innovation #WTwebinar
  10. @Webtrends: Great points by @johnlovett about humanizing social media outcomes; works for B2B, B2C. #wtwebinar
  11. RT @ckilgs: Outcome Metrics connect YOUR social media activities to real people #WTwebinar
  12. At interesting #Wtwebinar on creating real business value from digital analytics via @johnlovett of WebAnalyticsDemystified.
  13. RT @Webtrends: Outcomes (that shld connect your #sm activities to real people) also need associated metrics that show progress #WTwebinar
  14. RT @Webtrends: Foundational measures: gaining buy-in + creating metrics is the hard work, don't blow it by intro-ing data doubts #WTwebinar
  15. Outcome metrics usually require exporting data to do more in-depth analysis and combine your metrics #WTwebinar
  16. Amplification is a measure of how "loud" your message was. Formula is (Tweets x Reach) / Contributors via @johnlovett #wtwebinar
  17. RT @Webtrends: Consumers want to engage with other humans, simply having more Likes not does equate to engagement! #WTwebinar
  18. @Webtrends #wtwebinar Will be interesting to see if this is industry specific. I percieve consumer engagement to be higher in #FMCG industry
  19. How are you defining engagement? be sure it's defined by channel, is compared cross-channel, and that peers understand #WTwebinar
  20. RT @Webtrends: Bonus metric: the hardest one to quanitfy is Impact. What do these outcomes deliver to our organization? #WTwebinar
  21. Recording of webinar 'Social Media ROI' avail On Demand shortly at .wWTwebinarcom/LovettSocialMediaROIWebinar #WTwebinar
  22. The 3 P's embedded into our social media #measure solution: Product (Heatmaps, etc), Practice Mngmnt (services), Partners #WTwebinar
  23. RT @Webtrends: Recording of webinar 'Social Media ROI' avail On Demand shortly at .wWTwebinarcom/LovettSocialMediaROIWebinar #WTwebinar
  24. @johnlovett #Wtwebinar is there a way to see how many times a certain hashtag was used? e.g., the election, Romney vs Obama?
  25. ~@BridgetForney There are tools like Topsy, SocialMention & Tweetreach that will give you Hashtag mentions #WTwebinar #SocialAnalytics
  26. @thekathleenjo You're welcome! I need to check out the deck later. From the live tweet looks like some great material! Thanks @Webtrends
  27. @Webtrends Loved the metrics webinar tweets today, and excited to watch on-demand. Thanks for providing this resource!
  28. Thanks to all for joining and tweeting today. Slides from the presentation are available here. An On Demand recording is available here. For more info on how Webtrends can help you implement a successful social media measurement strategy, please contact or visit our site at