Unlocking the Business Value of the Social Enterprise

Everyone's talking about the Social Enterprise & how it can transform your org – whether by unlocking expertise, connecting teams & people, or improving communications w/ customers. Ultimately, the real purpose of this biz transformation is to improve productivity & increase profitability.

  1. Orgs tend to approach collaboration w/tech first, but it's about creating relationships to address gaps. @charleneli #wtwebinar
  2. Relationships fill two types of gaps: information flows and decision making. #wtwebinar
  3. Real opportunity for enterprise social networks: it can be like air, allowing the org to breathe. Anywhere & everywhere. #wtwebinar
  4. Enterprise social networks have "low impact" on the org. The issue: orgs (admittedly) measure poorly. #wtwebinar
  5. RT @Webtrends: Top 3 goals around sharing w/in the org: 1)best practices, 2) employee collaboration, 3) cross-dept collaboration #WTwebinar
  6. Typical ent. social network impact metrics: frequency of use, % of employees using it, exec engagement/usage, reducing email. #wtwebinar
  7. Deeper dive into ent. social network metrics: improved org culture, best practice sharing, reduction in issues. #wtwebinar
  8. Some metrics for measuring impact of social networking w/in the org: frequency of use, % of emps using, exec and mngmnt usage #WTwebinar
  9. RT @Webtrends: Example: Nokia's CEO posts frequently in their enterprise social network, signaling a new relationship btwn ldrshp and emps #WTwebinar
  10. Collaboration can shorten learning curves, reduce onboarding time, lead to competitive advantage, improved talent leverage. #wtwebinar
  11. Qualitative measures can be just as important as quantitative. ~ @charleneli #socbiz #wtwebinar
  12. Orgs that start enterprise social networks within one dept (& specify the why--and how of use) are most successful. #wtwebinar
  13. Webtrends (correction) Amex CEO says:"Value the things we can #measure, undervalue the things we cannot"-@charleneli #WTwebinar #WTwebinar
  14. Executives foster participation and engagement by posting with purpose, demonstrating value of channel. #wtwebinar
  15. RT @pisarose: Departments most active in ent. social networking: sales, marketing, PR, IT--and even finance (even budgeting). #WTwebinar
  16. If using gamification to incentivize ent. social network participation, reward specific activities (e.g., referrals, kudos, etc.) #wtwebinar
  17. More ent. social network benefits/metrics: process improvements, speed products/services to market. @charleneli #wtwebinar
  18. Make sure that your ent. social nework can enable action, and, empower people - @charleneli #WTwebinar
  19. Internal social networks build confidence among social ambassadors--become more comfortable with external social activity. #wtwebinar
  20. RT @Webtrends: The Four Parts of a Social Collab strategy: Objectives, Metrics, Relationships, Technologies - in that order #WTwebinar
  21. Measure the gaps you're closing (tracking relationships), not engagement or conversations. #wtwebinar
  22. Metrics can be employee-based, org-based, or customer-based - or combo of all! #WTwebinar
  23. Choose technologies based on the relationships you want to build, not features. #WTwebinar
  24. Not likely to be just one platform that's used across the org - usually a combo of a few. Make sure they play nicely w/each other #WTwebinar
  25. How do ent. social networks mature? Connection > Collaboration > Optimization > Transformation #WTwebinar
  26. ESN posts: Instead of updates, they're social objects (captures history of project actions, relationship interactions). #wtwebinar
  27. Maturity model for Ent collab metrics: volume metrics > correlated metrics > holistic metrics #WTwebinar
  28. Our sharing muscles are very flabby. We're told not to share. Embed sharing into culture; communicate etiquette. @charleneli #wtwebinar
  29. The link to today's OnDemand webinar (so you can share or replay) will be emailed to registered participants #WTwebinar
  30. Our great thanks to Charlene Li of Altimeter Group for a fantastic presentation. Email slides@altimergroup.com for a copy of her slides from today. Click here for the full recording of the webcast. Questions? Email Jeff.Seacrist@webtrends.com or visit our website. We look forward to connecting with you!