My AMA/keynote for @ACPress from an airplane

Due to mechanical issues and some weather, I couldn't make it to San Diego in time to deliver my keynote, The Power of Code, to the Associated Collegiate Press conference. So, we decided to experiment and do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) from my plane somewhere over Colorado.


  1. Knowing I wasn't going to make the conference, organizers and I  decided that we'd try to a live experiment, which began with a video. Once I got to my hotel outside of Chicago just before midnight, I recorded this video message to the students attending the conference in San Diego.  
  2. ACPress Video Greeting by Robert Hernandez
  3. After testing out the WiFi, I followed AMA tradition by posting a "proof" photo that I was who I claimed and doing an AMA.
  4. And like that, I began answering the incoming questions.