NASCAR Diversity Social Media Out-Reach Latino Community!

Through my daily tweets, I was able to capture the attention of the PR and Marketing for NASCAR Diversity who hired webcitygirls// to extend their message.


  1. By Lynn Ponder:  It all started wth a tweet about webcitygirls announcing we had been invited to the Chino y Nacho press junket launch of new album Supremo. Followed by receiving a tweet; contact me, I have further news about Chino y Nacho you may want to know.

    Click to check out the bio and see if it was a fan, to discover a one liner bio: PR Extraordinaire.  So, I tweeted her and we scheduled a call, which went really well.  She was so nice as she explained that she worked with NASCAR in their NASCAR Diversity program and I start thinking wow that has to be a fun brand to create a social campaign for latinos.

    NASCAR is the sanctioning body for one of North America’s premier sports broadcasted in more than 150 countries in 20 languages.  And recently reaching out to the latino community to attract them to the driving sport.

    Cut to the following week we meet IRL for lunch at Novecento Brickell where we immediately connected and had a fabulous lunch time. I feel so lucky she was not only following but paying attention to our tweets and style. She invited us to help expand the message via social media for a new Hispanic Market Initiative: Bienvenidos a NASCAR a program geared to attract latinos.

    For three weeks webcitygirls, conceptualized daily tweets that created engagement with fans and informed the community where to buy discounted tickets, where to call for information, concert details, fun interaction with race drivers, shared pics and created general tweets about NASCAR Diversity program.

    Our Tweet Reach during this month reached between 350,000 to 580,000 people with 1,753,411 impressions.  We also generated a mix of  600 RT’s, Followers and Mentions.  69% of our followers are from the United States and 33% from Florida. Our Twitter account continues to grow everyday.

    As a kind gesture of  “agradecimiento” for my hard work, she  invited me to a private dinner with the NASCAR organization at their arrival in Miami, where I met the amazing media team plus had a wonderful time. I also met other successful Miami Business owners with needs to further their message via Social Media.

    The next day and as part of our coverage, we were invited to NASCAR Championship Contenders press conference and luncheon which is a pretty big deal with experienced and well known reporters and newscasters from the sports world. The press conference took place in South Beach in a special set-up of beautifully arranged white tents in the Coca Cola Racing, Sprint, Ford (some of the NASCAR sponsors) stage area on actual beach area, for the family concert that evening with Blake Shelton surrounded by fans experience events.

    That evening we had to pick either covering backstage concert with Blake Shelton or Fundraiser BeLive red carpet with Chair Lauren Santo Domingo, C0-Chair Sofia Vergara, Connie and Juan Pablo Montoya founders of Smiles Formula Foundation. I felt that our audience would enjoy our coverage at the Fundraiser and actually it was one of the most beautiful red carpets we have covered, great job by JeJe Consulting PR Firm.

    Cut to our first day experience at Homestead Miami track, fueled by pure adrenaline excitement, as we met NASCAR Diversity drivers Nelson Piquet and German Quiroga among others.  We had access to the Garage Pit, VIP Pit Box and media room which felt like being in the NASA launch room that you see on TV when take-off is about to take place Lol! Last but not least we even got a tour of the owners driver lot with Rick a new friend who explained that the driver community is a big family and they live there during each race.

    On the last BIG day at NASCAR Sprint Championship Cup Final Series in Homestead Miami, webcitygirls participated in first stage appearance engaging with the audience in English & Spanish during interview with Diversity Race Driver Bryan Ortiz, right before the Coca Cola Racing Concert with international duo Chino y Nacho.

    Special Thank You/Gracias de Corazon, Estefania Acosta Rubio, for this wonderful experience through The Power of Business on Twitter.

    I believe that Twitter is one of the most powerful tools out there to create your brand and generate business.  Love me some Twitter anytime!