Ford #EscapeRoutes Auditions for Interactive Reality Web Series!

webcitygirls// collaborated with Ford en Español to create a promotional social media out-reach to the Latino Social Community!


  1. On December 8, 2011 webcitygirls// started social media out reach to announce casting auditions taking place in different Cities in the US  for the Ford Escape Routes reality web series.  We created blog posts, conceptualized daily tweets to inform about details of the reality web series, audition locations, engaged with casting directors, participants, attended some of the auditions to create additional engagement and content of pictures & video interviews, which were shared on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    To further our reach we collaborated with other latina bloggers:  NYC Romina Tibytt (@MamaXXI) and  Brenda Cisneros (@mejorarmihogar) from Dallas.  Bloggers created a post on their site with details of Ford Escape Routes Auditions for each city.  All blogs posts where mentioned in each of bloggers Facebook pages and shared on Twitter. Romina also created a second blog post of her experience during the NYC auditions including pictures of participants.  Pictures of each audition where posted on the Ford En Español Facebook page.  Shout out video interview was created with Casting Producer Kristin Malley to invite participants to other cities auditions, coming up in January 2012.

    Some Stats about our Tweet Reach:

    December 8, 2011: 

    Reached 27,802 people 

    100,046 Impressions

    December 12, 2011:

    429,681 people 

    737,379 Impressions

    December 13, 2011:

    161,082 people

    332,360 Impressions

    December 17, 2011:

    57,460 people 

    159,540 Impressions

    December 20, 2011

    80,690 people

    194,196 Impressions

    We had approximately 200 Retweets plus thousands of unique visitors from latina bloggers site.

    Social media out reach continues until January 7, 2011 as webcitygirls// will be covering the Miami casting Ford Escape Routes reality web series auditions, where we expect the largest gathering of Latinos #WEPA!

  2. Mix of Tweets up-to-date for Ford Escape Reality Web Series: