Jeff Jarvis: Public Parts: How Sharing in the Digital Age Improves the Way We Work and Live"

The debate about the book and specially about a critical Review by Evgeny Morozov on October 12, 2011 in "The New Republic " ... belongs to the topic of the book anyway :-)... and shows also, how "criticism" & discourse are changing in the social web! A collection of resources, reviews, tweets, retweets ..***Rethink!


  1. ... my first try to "curate" the discussion on, with is good for quick & simple announcements, but not for complex debates .. so I am continuing here in Storify ....
  2. Don't tweet before you read :-) 
    You can read the introduction, a part about the "Germans and privacy", you can hear an audio-part about this and you may have a look at the footnotes ...

  3. a comment to this Part on Germans & Privacy :

    (original Link to the comment on Scribd see below!)

  4. This was the first review I read .. and the "answer" from Jeff Jarvis on Google + with discussion ... and a "full response" as a google doc:

     "Some people have urged me to make a fuller response to Evgeny Morozov"s "review" of Public Parts in The New Republic. I view it as more character assassination than discussion of ideas. But fine. "

    (Jeff Jarvis)

  5. ... and a quite interesting "meta"-debate about the modes and the role of intellectuals in the Social Web - with interesting comments (also by Jeff Jarvis himself :-):
    "I did *not* set out to write an academic book (footnotes aside). My goal is to get publicness -- and protecting its tools -- discussed in the same breath as privacy. I want that discussion to occur in many circles: policy, politics, business, technology, and among net citizens. So I wanted to write a -- for lack of a better word -- popular book.
    Thus I would not enter into a treatise on Habermas; I refer to him to set the terms of the debate on the notions of the public sphere, for example.
    Now that may disappoint or irritate academics who wish me to have written another book. But that"s not the book I wanted to write. And, as you say, it"s up to those who are capable of writing such books to do so. The more the better -- the more perspectives, the more books, the more discussion."
  6. Special Guest on Facebook Live  Jeff Jarvis: Introducing his Book, Interview and Diskussion:

  7. Some Book Reviews (often with a lot of comments :-)