Ashley McPherson

School counselor @ Fairhaven HS. MASCA/ASCA Member. Sports fanatic. Book nerd. Tech lover.

Qash Aris

Standby... Actors? Camera? Sound? Roll Camera...1, 2, 3, 4... ACTION! Life is not a pre-written script? - CUT! Are you sure you wanna PRINT this? TAKE 2

E Solheim

Teacher-Librarian-Technologist for a K-6 elementary school in Omaha. Dedicated and nerdy. Ready to learn!

Deb Hubble

Elementary Principal, passionate about reading aloud to kids, lover of lifelong learning

Sheila Davis

Educator of 9 yrs w/ Grossmont Adult ESL and SDCCD. Wife and mother of: 4 humans, 1 Chihuahua, 1 Pit, and 1 cat. Green but eager to learn about tech.

Brooke Hall

Educator. Technology Integration Specialist. Corp. Testing Coordinator. School Counseling Background. Tech Nerd. Musician. Songwriter. Animal-Lover.

KC Testerman

Principal of USP, Supervisor of Ed Tech, STEM instructor w/ MSP grant, College Professor, Ed Tech Speaker, Digital Leader, Owner of Canvas & Cork, LLC

mama bear and science education zealot, living one moment at a time

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I am the TF at IES. This is my 1st year at Isenberg. I served as a TF in KCS and taught 14 yrs in the classroom. This is my twentieth year in education.

Team building

Công ty tổ chức team building - Vạn Đắc Phúc

Renee Sarmiento

Mother, educator, runner, and life long learner. Passionate about change and new ideas in training, education, and technology.

Becca Scott

Jim Meta

A middle school tech teacher who strives to try all that's new to #edtech.#steelers #pirates #penguins #daytonflyers #hyattsfilmfestival #eaglenews

Donna Ward