Public response to disrupted terror attack in Montevideo

The FBI believes it disrupted a "localized terror attack" after arresting a man following a raid of a Montevideo home that contained Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms. This is an active investigation and is being called a "terror" situation, the FBI said Monday.

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  1. Big news out of Montevideo from the weekend -- the FBI believes it has disrupted a terrorist attack. What have you heard about this? Keep checking back to or check out Tuesday's West Central Tribune for more information.
  2. News of the thwarted terror attack quickly made the rounds on Twitter, with several national media outlets picking up the story.
  3. Many people on social media expressed disbelief about a terror attack being planned in Montevideo.
  4. Wtf Montevideo Mn is there anywhere safe?
  5. Terrorism now in Montevideo, MN?
  6. WHAAA? A potential terrorist pipe bomb situation thwarted in my hometown of Montevideo, MN?!? ABC NEWs report I about fell off my chair.
  7. For many, the news hit a little too close to home.
  8. So I hear Aaron Katersky of ABC News radio say "Montevideo Minnesota" and I about fell off my chair at work. It's still the lead. Oh Monte.....
  9. Terror as close as Montevid
  10. This one's a little close to home.
  11. --- CAN IT HAPPEN HERE? -- --- FBI: Raid of mobile home disrupted "terror attack" in Minn. MINNEAPOLIS The FBI believes authorities disrupted "a localized terror attack" in its planning stages when they arrested a man after converging on a western Minnesota mobile home that contained Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms, the agency said Monday. Buford Rogers, 24, of Montevideo, was arrested Friday and charged with one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm. He remained in federal custody Monday and it was not clear if he had an attorney. "The FBI believed there was a terror attack in its planning stages, and we believe there would have been a localized terror attack, and that's why law enforcement moved quickly to execute the search warrant on Friday to arrest Mr. Rogers," FBI spokesman Kyle Loven said Monday.
  12. Some just asked the obvious question: "What is going on?"