The 57th Presidential Inauguration

Photos and tweets from the 57th presidential inauguration. #inaug2013 #inauguration #imhere

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  1. As the day begins, President Obama tweets from his account that he is "honored and grateful" to be elected to a second term.
  2. Meanwhile, the National Mall and areas around the Capitol begin to fill out.
  3. Sun rising over the dome. Earlybird filter seems appropriate. (@arishapiro / NPR)
  4. Flags? We got those. Hundreds of thousands of those. #murica #inaug2013
  5. Around 10:55 The Presidential motorcade leaves the White House and heads to the Capitol.
  6. The first family arrives at St. John’s Church before the start of the inauguration. Is it just us, or do the Obama girls look like they have some #PurplePride? (Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images) #inauguration #inaug2013 #obamas #obama #ravens
  7. At 11AM, the President and his family arrive at the Capitol.
  8. Obama family arrives on the stage.
  9. Sasha and Malia are beautiful young ladies #inaug2013
  10. Just before Michelle Obama takes the stage, she tweets out to her followers.
  11. After Senator Chuck Schumer delivers opening remarks, Civil rights leader Myrlie Evers-Williams takes the stage to deliver invocation.
  12. Prayers for our country and our country's leader #inaug2013
  13. Obama addresses nation.