Teaching Children Technology in a Summer Camp Setting

Technology is everywhere. Robots and computers were once only heard about in science fiction books and movies.


  1. Technology is everywhere. Robots and computers were once only heard about in science fiction books and movies. Now they are a part of our everyday lives. The children of today are living in this age of technology. Computers are in their hands as soon as they can grip a toy. Some of these youngsters grow up having a natural curiosity about what makes things work - how can a robot understand what you say? How wonderful it would be to nurture that curiosity. Encouraging children in their interests has long been a path to success.

    Imagine sending your child to a summer camp where questions are answered and more are asked. A place where integrating computers and Legos results in a ten year old with a working robot. In that sense, think about the rewards that robot brings about - pride, self esteem and Wesley chapel NC summer camp self confidence. These tools, combined with a beginning knowledge of technology, will stay with your child and could ultimately lead them to their lifelong passion. Waxhaw kid coders would like to help make this happen. They are offering summer camps for children between the ages of 7-13.

    Waxhaw summer camp is dedicated to filling a need for children who want to learn various aspects of computers. Week-long programs will give children the opportunity to code a computer game, make a robot and/or fly a drone. Small groups with qualified instructors will educate these young minds while exploring multiple components of engineering. They will not only learn about programming and engineering but learn teamwork, critical thinking skills and problem solving. In just one week of a charlotte summer camp environment, children will be amazed at what they can do with just a little instruction.

    Two things are for sure - computers are not going away and children are the leaders of tomorrow. No matter what becomes their life's calling, you can be assured computers will be a part of it in some aspect. Understanding computers is imperative to success. At a charlotte summer camp, children can explore, learn, build and have fun in the world of technology. Sending them to camp affords children a great introduction and opportunity to see what technology has to offer and that it doesn't have to be unknown to them. When Legos become robots they can see for themselves that technology is kid friendly. This will only encourage them to want to learn more. What a great gift for any child.