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Internet Conciousness

Just trying to put toghether the information I've discovered about Internet Conciousness around the web.....


  1. WARNING: Although most  information contained in this Storify is in english, you may find some articles and/or videos in spanish...
  2. This journey started in 2009 when (I don't know why) I posted in Blawyer (a Blog dedicated to law and technology issues) a post about the role of the Internet in creating the biggest and more comprehensive egregore ever existing in our world. My co-wiriters in Blawyer reproached me about writing a post not related to law at all. I responded telling them that the post was somehow related to technology and the argument (and the regularity of my posts) stopped there.  Here is the post (in spanish) that originated all this research:
  3. One year later when working in a presentation about Web 2.0 for my team at work. I was looking for some information about the future of Internet and I found this great video where Bruce Lipton explains that the future of humankind is very much attached to the future of Internet. Lipton shows that the origin of multicellular species is the result of the aggregation or sum of millions of unicellular entities that somehow put together a system of conciousness that allowed them to live (and survive) together under a central command center (one conciousness).  Lipton, then, explains that the next step in our evolution (which happen to be fractal) is the birth of a new organism made by the sum of all Human beings (as cells) interconnected through the Internet (as conciousness). Enjoy:
  4. I started to get more interested in the issue and created a twitter list on Collective Intelligence which is plenty of great information may I say. If you want to take a tour this is the link:
  5. At that time, I was publishing a paper in where some of the best stories showed on my twitter's timeline where archived on the form of a newspaper called "Watsamara inda Nius". Here it is:

  6. Then I decided to make one newspaper with all the information of my Twitter list on Collective Conciousness and created Global Brain:

  7. Everything slowed down and it wasn't until my friend Miguel Higa showed me the possibilities of when I restarted this journey.  It's been almost a year curating the topic of Internet Conciousness and I have ended up putting together this repository.
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