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World Water Day 2017

True blue! Thousands of you went #Blue4Water to mark World Water Day - in celebration of the 9 in 10 who now have clean water, and to remind the world that 1 in 10 still do not.


  1. Ahead of the big day we made this film to show how easy it is to go #Blue4Water!
  2. This was the scene on the WaterAid UK roof on a rainy Wednesday morning. We've got clean water here - why doesn't everyone?
  3. These kids in the US were getting into the blue vibe!
  4. As were these guys in Colombia!
  5. And Mamadou in Mali was super keen too!
  6. In the UK, the Sunderland Empire went blue...
  7. And so did the Spinnaker Tower...
  8. And so did the Asahi Beer HQ in Tokyo!
  9. In the UK, musician James Bay reminded the world that it's just not right that 1 in 10 people worldwide still don't have clean water.
  10. While actor and WaterAid ambassador Hugh Bonneville, and musician Ringo Starr, were in a more positive mood - celebrating the progress the world is making.
  11. Companies supporting #Blue4Water included UtilityWise and Belu Water...
  12. Around the world, WaterAid teams were marking the day in their own unique way!