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World Water Day 2012

Thursday 22 March was World Water Day - a day to draw attention to the fact that, despite good progress, 783 million people still don't have access to safe drinking water. WaterAid's believes that change can happen; we can and will reach these people with clean water in our generation.


  1. We asked people to support our Water Works campaign by uploading their photos showing how water is essential to life:
  2. Our campaign received incredible celebrity support from both David and Victoria Beckham, on Twitter and Facebook. With a combined following of over 20 million fans and followers, this gave our message a massive boost on the day! Thanks so much to them both for caring about World Water Day.
  3. We released a brand new World Water Day video on YouTube:
  4. WaterAid celebrates World Water Day 2012
  5. On Twitter, we were busy all day. #worldwaterday trended in the UK and globally, while in London @wateraid itself was a trending term during our "Twitter hour" at lunchtime, and our key call-to-action tweet was re-tweeted more than 1,000 times (and counting!)
  6. We were re-tweeted by thousands of people during the day, with our Top Tweet being re-tweeted more than 1,400 times!
  7. While our World Water Day web page was tweeted over 1,000 times and shared on Facebook more than 500 times!
  8. And on Facebook we offered three brilliant Timeline cover images for supporters to use on the profile for the day:
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  10. Our Chief Executive, Barbara Frost, was busy blogging all over the place, while coverage of WaterAid activities was also picked up in Nigeria, India and beyond!