Emmy the Great at Glastonbury with WaterAid - Thursday

Singer-songwriter Emmy the Great blogs and tweets live from #Glasto2011 for WaterAid, fearlessly bringing you all the latest action from a bunch of muddy fields in Somerset... For the latest updates during the day follow the #waglasto tag.


  1. Glastonbury is fully open to the public, and tonight was the charities opening party behind the Pyramid Stage, hosted by the three charity partners - Oxfam, Greenpeace and Wateraid.

    We listened to talks by a representative from Greenpeace, and Liz Sullivan, who runs the Green Fields area, and was speaking on behalf of Michael Eavis. In his statement, he said that the charitable arm of Glastonbury was the one that brought him the most pride. All three charities said that, without the support of the festival, they wouldn't have reached the profiles that they enjoy today.

    Guests to the party enjoyed free wine and barbecue food, and music from a band from the Solomon Islands - Narasirato, who embodied the spirit of the festival when they sang closing number 'My Culture is Life'. Then we were left guessing over the identity of the mystery royal guest - who turned out to be West London's own King Charles. Apt, seeing as Prince Charles is one of the Wateraid patrons, and this might be the only King Charles they ever get.

    Music has started, but it has to be sought out. My band haven't arrived yet, but I went and met up with Adam and Joe for a radio session for 6 Music. I told them about the Wateraid tattoo campaign, and that my rocket tattoo was apparently proving more popular with men. Joe said, "Ah, phallic symbols and rocket fantasies." Adam misheard him and said, "Is that our new name?" Joe said, "Yes, you're 'phallic symbols'."

    You heard it here first.

    I'm using the last dregs of Internet here in the press area, so you'll have to forgive me if this is not spell-checked, well-written, or interesting. 

    I'm about to go to the Leftfield Stage to seek out some more live entertainment. Apparently Ke$ha was the secret guest at Dance Village today. I've got my personal Friday schedule below, with my particular picks. 

    I just tried to hook up to wifi and look what at the name of *some* of the networks...

    Summer Camp 1pm Oxlyers West
    Jon Ronson      1pm  Glasto Free Uni
    Guilletmots        3pm Oxlyers West
    Jenny & Jonny  1530 Park Stage
    Kate B                1550 West Holts
    Bright Eyes       1645  Other Stage
    Jimmy Cliff        1945  West Holts

    And an interview with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape Wear Cape Fly), who is playing Leftfield Stage friday with Billy Bragg

    What are you doing at Glastonbury this year?

    I'm down for Billy's big round up in the leftfield on the Friday which is very exciting, popping up on stage with Kraak and Smaak in the dance village, making my annual visit to the climate camp tripod stage and hanging out, watching some great music.

    How many times have you been? Does it have any special significance to you?

    This is my 6th Glastonbury. I've had some fantastic times in worthy over the years. My first Glastonbury was special, after walking around the site I stumbled across the leftfield and had Tony Benn and Billy Bragg blow my mind. I met the folks from Love Music Hate Racism and Ethical Threads and really understood how much power music can have, but also how 'mixing pop and politics' could be done with a smile and a warm heart. It came full circle last year for our Get Cape... leftfield set, which is one of my all time favourite shows and I'm glad to be back this year.

    What's your best Glastonbury story?

    I once saw my friend Ed and a pre reunion Mark Owen singing Take That songs, that was bizarre.

    What's a favourite gig you saw at Glastonbury?

    Stevie Wonder last year was phenomenal, its going to be hard to ever top that.

    What are you looking forward to seeing/ doing this year, event-wise?

    I'm looking forward to seeing Paul Simon, Jimmy Eat World and Billy Bragg in one weekend. Where else could that happen?! I'm also excited/scared to see whatever madness the festival throws up.

    Any tips for a first timer?

    Don't make a huge list of bands to see and stick to it religiously, the site is too big/muddy and you don't want to miss the best bits of Glastonbury - the element of surprise and the creativity on offer outside of the main music stages.

    What's in your festivals essentials kit?

    Outside the obvious weather prevention methods, I like the fact that you don't have to be a slave to a £4 carling and that you can walk around with a bottle of rum and coke, cheaper and certainly cheerful.

    Which area would you recommend, and why?

    Come and see the leftfield, the politcial heartbeat of the worlds best festival.

    What day are you going down and what will your schedule be like?

    Its 2:15am on Wednesday, we leave at 4. Ouch.