Emmy the Great @ Glastonbury - I just got styled

Singer-songwriter Emmy the Great blogs and tweets live from #Glasto2011 for WaterAid, fearlessly bringing you all the latest action from a bunch of muddy fields in Somerset... For the latest updates during the day follow the #waglasto tag.


  2. There's no way I'm going to another Glastonbury looking like a gremlin in a sack (2008), or a teabag (2009), so I sought the advice of the most stylish person I know, Jazz Domino Holly.

    Jazz, an author and craft columnist for Company magazine, has been going to Glastonbury since she was a baby, first with her parents Gaby Salter and Joe Strummer, and recently as a trustee of new music charity Strummerville. She's taking a year out this time to work on the final stages of her book, Queen of Crafts, which is out in September, but she was on hand to lend me a quick rifle through her wardrobe. Jazz has built up a reputation of reclaiming old or odd materials, and as an advocate of make do and mend. What I love about her style is when you ask her where something is from, she'll tell you that she made it, or she found it in a pound shop. We both lamented that she'd forgotten to bring the glowstick necklace that she'd picked up at Poundland in Hastings. But I would have only tried it to eat it so probably best.

    In the end we picked out a few different outfit combos - all to be worn with tights and wellies, and a long silver dress for my main show. Jazz gave me a couple of tie-dye t-shirts that she'd made for one of her columns, to wear under another tie-dye dress (*tip* apparently double tie-dye is in), and then we topped the whole look off with that mac I bought which covers everything and reaches the floor. Job done!

    Here's some photos of the makeover though, with some 'before' pictures from a trip to Top Shop I took with Elizabeth from Summer Camp. 

  3. Bringing the hippie spirit with tie-dye. And Ganesha.
  4. Jazz with my Friday dress
  5. Leather shorts to keep out the rain. One word review: regal. 
  6. Just before I got stuck in the beaded top
  7. I don't know what to wear
  8. Stylist's assistant Punky Brewster
  9. And here are some of the 'Before' shots. Makeover was a good move.