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Emmy - Farewell, Glastonbury

Singer-songwriter Emmy the Great blogs and tweets live from #Glasto2011 for WaterAid, fearlessly bringing you all the latest action from a bunch of muddy fields in Somerset... For the latest updates during the day follow the #waglasto tag.


  1. We're home! And after a ten hour sleep yesterday seems like some distant dream. Highlights included TV on the Radio at the Other Stage, and Paul Simon's relaxed afternoon set on the Pyramid. Low point is still waking up to the police cordon and hearing the sobering news that a body had been found. 

    On the search for dry ground and some food, we spent yesterday afternoon in Glastonbury town, eating a vegan sunday roast and browsing charity shops. My new favourite thing about Glastonbury is the things you see dangling from car rearview mirrors - we didn't pass a single car that wasn't in some way adorned with a dreamcatcher, a freaky bird feather or a collection of crystals. We also popped into a spiritualist shop and chatted to the guy about healing, which made me regret not visiting the Healing Fields this year. As we left the shop I saw a sign in the window that said, "No Wi-fry in Avalon". I thought about tweeting it but wasn't sure if that would be missing the point.

    When we got back onsite, we watched Paul Simon, and TV on the Radio, who did a fun cover of Ghostbusters after asking the crowd to join hands ("Touch a stranger! We're all human!"), then made our goodbyes and left as Pendulum started on the main stage. Half an hour later, we were on top of the Glastonbury Tor, and we could still hear Pendulum. I hope the audience had earplugs.

    Here are some of my 2011 Glastonbury moments, as well as some of the best analogies we made while we were leaving. There's also instructions for a new game we made up called The Name Drop Game, which I invented. You're welcome.

    I also took some photos of t-shirts I liked. They're here too.

    And don't forget to check out the WaterAid website, and their own blog of their Glastonbury activity. It was a good year - the tireless Wateraid volunteers got over 17,000 for their Loo Queue petition - which you can still sign: 

    Here's to 2013!

  2. My 2011 Glastonbury Moments

    - Elbow on the Pyramid Stage

    - Someone stopped me in a crowd and tried to give me a tenner because he downloaded my album for free. I told him to get drunk on me.

    - Singing along to Tightrope in the Janelle Monae crowd

    - Billy Bragg at the Leftfield

    - Standing in for Viv Albertine in Billy's Big Round Up. Coining the phrase 'The Bragg Cave'.

    - My bandmate Euan's party shirt

  3. Best of Festival T-shirts

    While girls in shorts posed for magazine street fashion columns in the VIP area, some found a simpler way of making a statement. Here's a few of the t-shirts I found...

  4. Best film analogies for leaving Glastonbury...

    1. We're like the animals in Homeward Bound

    2. We're like the humans at the end of 28 Days Later

    3. We're like Tom Hanks at the end of Apollo 13

    4. We're like Tom Hanks at the end of Big

    5. We're like Tom Hanks making it home at the end of Forrest Gump

    6. We're like Macauley Culkin getting away from the bees in My Girl, just before my mum turned off the TV and said, "Everything is fine."

    7. We're Tom Robbins in Shawshank Redemption

    8. We're the toys in all the Toy Story movies

    9. You get where I'm going with this

    10. We are free
  5. The Name Drop Game

    The premise of this is simple: find a way to drop a name in as many conversations as possible. NB You do not need to have actually met the celebrity whose name you drop

    ie: 'Can you pass me the bread? I know Emma Bunton. Thanks.'


    'That's a great hat, you remind me of my friend Jay-Z.'


    'I had a great time as Glastonbury, as I just told Lily Allen by text.'

    This game gave us a good couple hours of entertainment, and by us I mean me, my brother, my boyfriend, Elton John and Emily Eavis.



    See you next Glastonbury...