1.                 Watch Sparkle online free for you to experience another musical film that can truly wrap you with the harmony of music. Sparkle is an upcoming American musical film that is proudly presented to you by its humble director Salim Akil.


                    What is very interesting with this film, Sparkle, is its storyline. The film follows the life-story of a musical prodigy named Sparkle who dreams of becoming a superstar. In the film, Sparkle does whatever she can in order to make her dream come true. But, of course, life is not an easy road. Sparkle will encounter many challenges in life just like the issues that are tearing her family apart, her romantic involvements, and many more of life's bumps and turns.  The major conflict in her life is keeping the balance between her dream, her relationship with her mother and her romantic affluences with a music manager named Stix. The good thing is that, Sparkle is not the kind of girl who lets the challenges ruin her. She is the kind of girl who fights the challenges and does things her way. With that, in the movie, she, and her two sisters, Sister and Dolores, are able to make a dynamic singing group during the Motown-era. Watch Sparkle online free and witness how an ordinary girl is able make extreme and good changes to hers and other people's lives.


                    Sparkle stars the following international actors and actresses: Jordin Sparks as Sparkle Williams, Whitney Houston as Emma, Derek Luke as Stix, Carmen Ejogo as Sister Williams, Tika Sumpter as Delores Williams, Mike Epps as Satin, Omari Hardwick as Levi, Brely Evans as Tune Ann, Tamela Mann as Sarah/Ms. Waters, Andre DeJuan as Noah Terell, Michael Beach as Reverend Bryce, Cee Lo Green as Black which is the girl's opening act, Curtis Armstrong as Larry, Brittany Perry-Russell as Sparkle's back-up singer, Sabrina Dungan as Record Store Patron, Linda Boston as Sister Clora, Tiffani Elise Edwards as a Comedy Club Patron, Sidi Henderson as Mr. Bell, Mark Rademacher as Legend Manager, Ron Heisler as County Coroner, Steve Gast as Officer McKenzie, Ralph H. Meyer as a Coney Island Cook, Stephanie Schaberg as a Columbia Records Employee, Debra Port as a Receptionist, Erika Hoveland as Larry Robinson's Secretary, Michael B. Clark as Officer Rapp, Lynn Anderson and James Feaheny as Columbia Records Executives, and many more actors and actresses.  Watch Sparkle online free for you to see these actors and actresses dance, sing, and act!


                    Sparkle is one of the first films of Jordin Sparks together with Whitney Houston. The partnership of the two as the leading characters in a film is also something that makes this film special. Don't you dare miss “Sparkle” or else, you will be missing the moment when Jordin and Whitney sing together. Watch Sparkle online free!