Engineering Fellows

Washington STEM and Washington MESA launched the Engineering Fellows program to increase engineering education efforts throughout the state focusing on King County and the Yakima Valley. Engineering Fellows is a highly competitive program that brings engineering expertise directly into fifth grade classrooms around the state. Thirty fifth grade teachers from the Yakima Valley and King County are collaborating with professional engineers and college/graduate engineering students to design and implement engineering design challenges that are integrated with their local curriculum.


  1. From July 11 - July 15 the engineering fellows came together for a week long intensive training. Here's some of the things they did.
  2. First up... what do engineers do, anyway?
  3. And then teachers, engineers, and engineering students dove into design challenges for their classrooms.
  4. Key throughout this process was an ongoing conversation on equity - serving students who have been historically underrepresented in STEM fields, especially students of color and girls.