Tracking Twitter outage -- on Facebook

At around 12:30 E.T., Twitter acknowledged what many of its users had known: the site was having major issues. After Twitter went down, its users turned to Facebook to vent. These are just a few of the replies.

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  1. Users turned to Facebook.
  2. Twitter is so down right now that the #Fail Whale is MIA.
  3. You've probably already noticed, but Twitter is down right now. In theory, this means that productivity should skyrocket around the world — as soon as we all stop frantically trying to refresh our Twitter feeds.
  4. Twitter is down, so now where am I supposed to complain about class and talk about cats?
  5. Twitter just went down. Now watch the world slowly come to an end...
  6. Twitter seems to be down right now. Imagine millions of heroin addicts all running out their stash at the same time.
  7. Was about to comment on Twitter that Twitter is down, but realized I couldn't, so now I'm a little lost.
  8. Twitter is down. I guess multiple revolutions around the world are on hold right now! #PanicMode
  9. Twitter is now everybody on Facebook lol
  10. Since those of us on Twitter usually check Twitter for any late breaking news... when Twitter goes down where do you go? Well... one site is Kurrently. It will search Twitter & Facebook. Just type in "Twitter Down" right now & you'll see you are not the only one who can't get into Twitter! ;)
  11. When Twitter came back online, people spread the word on Facebook.
  12. Why is everybody saying something is wrong with twitter right now mine is working what about yall
  13. Twitter is now up and working again…conduct yourselves accordingly. :)
  14. Welp !? Twitter working now ! Later facebook !
  15. Twitter posts update that the issue is on-going.
  16. ... And again, users reacted on Facebook.
  17. Twitter on Bath Salts right now...
  18. I bet there's a lot of work finally getting done at the Twitter offices right now.
  19. Twitter broke again. This time I know it wasn't my fault.
  20. Twitter is down again... I give up.
  21. Twitter is down. Hence why I'm now on FB complaining about it. Life as I know it is over!!
  22. When Twitter is down and you have no idea what to do with your life...