SXSW Interactive - a mind blowing experience

Think of it as an adventure of a lifetime for every entrepreneur and technology enthusiast!


  1. During the 13 - 17 of March, 2015, I experienced the adventure of a lifetime. SXSW was held in Austin and I had heard so much about it, but many who had been before couldn't fully describe what it was like.
  2. After reading the 4 Hour Work Week a number of years ago it was great to listen to Tim Ferris AND having him answer my twitter question LIVE and FIRST!
  3. Pitches from Capital Factory showed how its done and I got plenty of notes throughout the short presentations.
  4. Bizwomen and Dell held a meet up for female entrepreneurs and it was PACKED!
  5. Building a social media following is important to me so hearing tips from Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick was very insightful.
  6. At SXSW there are so many parties and we found our fair share.